Land Rover – Off Roading


This is what landrover is all about, their off road capabilities are second to none! and it’s reign lasted for 68 years. The defender was and is instantly recognisable throughout that period, a time that has seen farmers, emergency services and the horsing community use the excellent 4 x 4 get to places other vehicles simply can not.

Matt Watson at Auto Express recently drove a fleet of Defenders here is what he had to say:

To mark the end of the Land Rover Defender, we drove a fleet of all the models on the island where it was conceived

Icon. It’s an overused term in the automotive lexicon. Really, there are only a handful of vehicles that warrant such praise – and the Land Rover Defender and its ancestors are among the worthy few.

This all-purpose 4×4 originally designed for post-war farmers has gone on to become a symbol of British ingenuity, engineering and craftsmanship – and even the British psyche. It sums up all that’s great about our small yet rather significant island, and in some ways, the vehicle’s shortcomings, and the problems that blighted its production, also echo what’s not so great about Britain. you can read the full article here ……

Love the defender or hate it you cant deny that it has been a icon of the UK’s motor industry and one that will be cherished by those that are fortunate to still own one.

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